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Dellums Breaks His Silence In Rare Interview

Ron Dellums

Source: KTVU.com

OAKLAND, Calif. — It’s been three years since longtime congressman and Washington insider Ron Dellums took over as mayor of Oakland.

Dellums says he has accomplished much over the years, but he’s also been dogged by critics who cite his tendency to travel first class and regular absences from city hall.

Last week, Dellums spoke with KTVU in a rare interview, answering those critics with a measure of combativeness.

Dellums is about to begin the last year of his four-year term as mayor of Oakland. Oakland resident Thomas Cameron supported Dellums at first and even donated to his mayoral campaign.

Cameron had hoped the long-time veteran of congress could spark an Oakland renaissance. His views have changed since Dellums took office.

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Wow – Dellums breaks his silence! Imagine a public servant and leader that gives a “rare” interview! Time to speak up Ron and do your job.