Bracing for the worse in the Mehserle verdict

Notice how there has been not a peep out of Mayor Dellums concerning this issue? The city is about to receive some serious damage. This might be a good time for Dellums to step up and try to find a peaceful alternative. I guess his reputation as a ‘peaceful civil rights advocate’ is a fabricated sham and undeserved.

Predictably, Dellums will either be out of town if theres trouble in Oakland or he’ll be hiding out in his Oakland Hills mansion.-ed.


Chip Johnson

Oakland not villain [excerpt]

For scores of people in the Bay Area, the videotaped beating of Grant is the Bay Area equivalent of the 1991 Rodney King beating in Los Angeles. To them, the Grant video is the latest in a pattern of African American residents being abused by government authorities who are sworn to protect them.

Still, while there will almost surely be some public reaction to the Mehserle verdict on the streets of Oakland, about the only thing more discouraging to some than absolving the former officer of blame and responsibility would be to vent that anger at the struggling city of Oakland and its residents.

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