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Dellums running for re-election would help Oakland?

Michael Macor / The Chronicle

Source: SFGate

Chip Johnson

Run, Ron, run.

That’s right. It is my hope that on Friday, Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums will announce he’s seeking re-election.

I know what you’re thinking. You think I want Dellums to receive the electoral thrashing that many Oakland residents believes he so richly deserves. But revenge is not my motivation.

I favor a Dellums re-election run for purely democratic reasons: His entry into the Oakland mayor’s race virtually assures a high voter turnout.

There are citizens who might not care whether the Oakland Athletics leave town and others who prefer the monthly Art Murmur in downtown Oakland to a Raiders home game, but hardly anyone in this city is apathetic about Dellums’ performance as mayor.

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Bracing for the worse in the Mehserle verdict

Notice how there has been not a peep out of Mayor Dellums concerning this issue? The city is about to receive some serious damage. This might be a good time for Dellums to step up and try to find a peaceful alternative. I guess his reputation as a ‘peaceful civil rights advocate’ is a fabricated sham and undeserved.

Predictably, Dellums will either be out of town if theres trouble in Oakland or he’ll be hiding out in his Oakland Hills mansion.-ed.


Chip Johnson

Oakland not villain [excerpt]

For scores of people in the Bay Area, the videotaped beating of Grant is the Bay Area equivalent of the 1991 Rodney King beating in Los Angeles. To them, the Grant video is the latest in a pattern of African American residents being abused by government authorities who are sworn to protect them.

Still, while there will almost surely be some public reaction to the Mehserle verdict on the streets of Oakland, about the only thing more discouraging to some than absolving the former officer of blame and responsibility would be to vent that anger at the struggling city of Oakland and its residents.

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Teenage Girl Killed During Vigil – Where’s Dellum’s Leadership?

Source: KTVU

OAKLAND, Calif. — Gunmen opened fire on a group of mourners at a candlelight vigil for a shooting victim late Tuesday night, killing a teenage girl and wounding five others.

The woman, Rachael Green, was fatally shot just after midnight in the 1100 block of Eighth Street, police Officer Jeff Thomason said.

Green was with a group of about 20 to 30 people who had set up a makeshift memorial for Damon Williams, 17, who was shot to death Monday evening in the parking lot of the Eastmont Mall in the 2600 block of 73rd Avenue, Thomason said.

Two armed suspects approached the group and opened fire. Thomason said a patrol officer had conducted a security check of the area where the vigil was happening just minutes before the shooting.

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You think a real leader would show up and have at least some kind of comment about this horrible, violet incident. A real leader would step-up and speak to the community about this serious situation. Could be a long, hot and violent summer in Oakland.

Dellums – The Idea Stealer

Michael Macor / The Chronicle


Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums’ 11th-hour news conference to unveil his plan to lay off cops to help eliminate the city’s $30.5 million deficit was a study in dysfunctional family values.

“For weeks, we do all the heavy lifting to put together a budget – meeting with all sides and coming up with compromises without one word from him,” City Councilwoman Pat Kernighan said. “Then he comes in the day before, takes 90 percent of what we recommended and holds a press conference.”

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Looks like Dellums acted like a complete jack ass on this one!

Dellums Surprisingly Quiet About Looming Police Layoffs

Dellums speaking

Source: KTVU

Watch this KTVU report where Dellums has the time to make an appearance at a local boxing match, but hardly ever shows up at city  hall. He also isn’t involved with negotiations with the police officers union in order to avoid impending layoffs. Dellums gets angry when he finds out a reporter dared to show up at his office to see if he was actually there during business hours. Dellums points to his horribly staged videos which make it look like he actually works. Mayoral candidate Perata points out that how can the Dellums ask for concessions from the police union when he said he would make concessions to his own salary then back away from them.

Pretty painful to be caught in a lie and not have the integrity to do what you say!

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Dellums Has a Meltdown!


Carla Marinucci

Oakland’s Mayor Dellums to KTVU’s Shandobil: “Who the (blank) are you to decide my role?

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums doesn’t seem to do much on the job these days — but he went into meltdown Monday when veteran KTVU political reporter Randy Shandobil had the temerity to ask why he’s been missing in action as one of the most crime-challenged cities in the nation faces a devastating layoff of a quarter of its police force.

“Who the (blank) are you to decide what my role is?” a raging Dellums told Shandobil in a phone call Monday, after the Oakland-based reporter showed up at City Hall to ask why Dellums has been seen at high profile boxing matches lately while being a no-show at major budget meetings and city council sessions where Oakland’s fiscal crisis is Topic A.

Shandobil’s solid report Monday asked the question that every taxpayer in town wants to know: “Where’s the mayor?”

Dellums not only bridled at that question — he apparently thinks he’s too important to take part in such lowly matters as keeping cops walking the beat. He angrily told Shandobil in the phone call that — don’t you know? — “I am the CEO of the city.”

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Neldam’s sour view of Merritt Bakery sweet deal


Chip Johnson

When the owners of Oakland’s 56-year-old Merritt Restaurant & Bakery sounded the alarm last month, city officials tossed them a $150,000 lifeline to keep the lakeside hangout alive.

But when the owners of Neldam’s Danish Bakery, which has stood on Telegraph Avenue for 81 years, asked for similar consideration they were informed that the city’s “bank was closed.”

“I did say the bank was closed, it has been closed for 14 months and I closed it,” said Walter Cohen, director of the Community and Economic Development Agency, recalling the meeting.

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Why isn’t Dellums working on this?

Oakland Council Must Step Up and Face Hard Cuts

Another example of Dellums not stepping up and doing something about the budget.


Chip Johnson

An Oakland City Council member told me the other day that no one wants to be associated with the nasty business of staff and service cuts – or take responsibility for the loss of 200 Oakland police officers.

I have some bad news for all of you Oakland elected officials: Not only did you sign up for this detail, the public already blames you.

They blame you for high crime and low school achievement, even though public education is a state responsibility. They blame you, at least a little bit, for the state of public finances and for failing to keep Mayor Ron Dellums engaged, even though the public elected him. They blame you for the pending departure of the Oakland Athletics, and for the return of the Oakland Raiders.

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