Dellums Has a Meltdown!


Carla Marinucci

Oakland’s Mayor Dellums to KTVU’s Shandobil: “Who the (blank) are you to decide my role?

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums doesn’t seem to do much on the job these days — but he went into meltdown Monday when veteran KTVU political reporter Randy Shandobil had the temerity to ask why he’s been missing in action as one of the most crime-challenged cities in the nation faces a devastating layoff of a quarter of its police force.

“Who the (blank) are you to decide what my role is?” a raging Dellums told Shandobil in a phone call Monday, after the Oakland-based reporter showed up at City Hall to ask why Dellums has been seen at high profile boxing matches lately while being a no-show at major budget meetings and city council sessions where Oakland’s fiscal crisis is Topic A.

Shandobil’s solid report Monday asked the question that every taxpayer in town wants to know: “Where’s the mayor?”

Dellums not only bridled at that question — he apparently thinks he’s too important to take part in such lowly matters as keeping cops walking the beat. He angrily told Shandobil in the phone call that — don’t you know? — “I am the CEO of the city.”

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