Dellums Surprisingly Quiet About Looming Police Layoffs

Dellums speaking

Source: KTVU

Watch this KTVU report where Dellums has the time to make an appearance at a local boxing match, but hardly ever shows up at city ¬†hall. He also isn’t involved with negotiations with the police officers union in order to avoid impending layoffs. Dellums gets angry when he finds out a reporter dared to show up at his office to see if he was actually there during business hours. Dellums points to his horribly staged videos which make it look like he actually works. Mayoral candidate Perata points out that how can the Dellums ask for concessions from the police union when he said he would make concessions to his own salary then back away from them.

Pretty painful to be caught in a lie and not have the integrity to do what you say!

See the news report

1 thought on “Dellums Surprisingly Quiet About Looming Police Layoffs

  1. Helpful Hint: when you go vote, don’t just pull a lever because the name is easy to remember because you’ve heard it before. Don’t always vote for the candidate with lots of printed crap in your mailbox. Maybe try volunteering for a candidate who’s not an idiot. Maybe try PAYING ATTENTION because elections have consequences, and because people voted like sheep for this jackass, Oakland remains a joke in the region. I mean, come on wtf? Oakland is not required by city charter to suck ass like it does, so stop acting like it.

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